Rage. Fury. Anger. Think an intersection of those three and there's a German word called Wut (woot).

If we get into German semantics for a bit you'll find there's a similar word called Zorn (tsoahn). My interpretation says this is different. Zorn is indeliberate, it has no specific target. This is why it also targets yourself. That's not what I want.

Women* put up with entirely too much from everyone. This includes their closest people, partners, parents, children, siblings, friends, students, teachers, bosses, you name it!

Direct your Wut outward. Release it! It's healthy. Now, I'm no therapist and this is not supposed to replace your or act as therapy. I imagine if you tell your therapist about this and about me, they might just say that it sounds really good for you! But remember that I'm not a therapist.

Release Wut In Three Steps

I will do this with you. The process includes three parts. This is something very personal.

The entire process is dynamic in length. Please plan for 3.5 hours.

Let's Talk

You sit down with me, and tell me about anything and everything that bothers you. Don't worry. I know just what to ask to get us to where we want to go.

Head Out Together, Release Wut

We're going out together, to wherever suits this for us. I will have ideas, but if you know a space that you feel comfortable about, that's ideal! Bring water.


Process what happened, how you feel, and we'll make sure together that you're in a safe place at this time.


Sounds good?

Tell me about yourself. Tell me when works for you (3.5 hrs), what you're dealing with, what you enjoy doing, and with which contribution you can or cannot support me.

This workshop is for women and female-aligned people.

That's all! Have at it!

Sign up!

Email me at li@li.actor.